Marcel Köster

MSc. Mult. BSc. Mult.

Short CV

I studied Computer Science at Saarland University and finished my first Master’s in 2012. Besides computer science, I also attended many additional courses in math, physics and special courses in computer science. Furthermore I was a member of the Microsoft Student Partners Program for several years during my studies. After my first Master's degree, I spent two years at the Compiler Design Lab and the Computer Graphics Lab as a researcher.

Since 2014, I am working as a researcher at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI, focusing on GPGPU, optimization (planning and scheduling problems), graphics, compilers, interactive media installations and high-performance computing. Moreover, I am a full member of the Media Informatics chair at Saarland University under Prof. Antonio Krueger's supervision.

Besides my research, I work as freelancer and focus on enterprise-quality application development in different domains ( Since 2007, I am also a Microsoft Certified Professional for development of windows/web and distributed applications. To keep up with the newest technologies, I pass novel certification exams on a regular basis.

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